Pure Pools + Has a Variety of Pool Cleaning Service Plans That Can Be Customized to Fit Your Specific Needs

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At Pure Pools + we understand in San Antonio, home and business owners each have their own individual wants and needs in regards to swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services. Some like to take a more hands-on approach and enjoy the regular process of pool cleaning. Some like to have their pools be worry-free, leaving the regular pool maintenance to a pool cleaning service. Some are comfortable in their ability to securely store pool chemicals, while others are more hesitant to do so. 
At Pure Pools +, not only do we pride ourselves on our reliability, high quality standards, and customer focus, we're also happy to work with you to find the best solution for you and your swimming pool, individually. Here's a handy chart to help you compare our different service options and below that you will find a brief description of the service options we offer you, the homeowner, business owner, or organization. For a more complete explanation of services just hover your mouse pointer over the plan you're interested in and click to visit the full webpage we have set up for each of our different service offerings. 
ServiceComparison Full Pool Cleaning Service Partial Pool Cleaning Pool Service Pool Help

Consumer Services

  • Full Service Plans
  • Partial Service Plans
  • DYI + Chem Par Service
Our "Full Service" plan is designed for pool owners who don't mind paying a little more if it means they can just lay back with no worries and enjoy their pool with only a minimal amount of effort. For a more in-depth explanation of services go to our Full Service Pool Plan pageAdditional services may be added to customize these plans to your needs.
Many people like the cost savings of maintaining their own pool (or have their teenaged child do it) with the benefit of regular professional checkups to make sure the water is healthy and everything stays on track. If this sounds like what you're looking for, our DIY + Chem Par service is just for you. It lets you enjoy discounts on chemicals and because the chemicals are delivered, it keeps you from making constant trips to the pool store. For a more in-depth explanation of services go to our DIY + Chem Par Service pageAdditional services may be added to customize this plans to your needs.

Pool Services for Businesses and Organizations

Whether you are an apartment complex, a resort, or home owners association, Pure Pool + provides outstanding pool maintenance services for businesses, organizations, and associations. For more information, please call us so we can review your needs and get you the high quality pool service your residents and guests deserve with a focus on crystal clean, healthy water and compliance with the federal Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act for publically accessible pools.
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