Get Do-It-Yourself Savings Plus Professional Results and Product Discounts With The Only DIY Assistance Plan In San Antonio

So you want the best of both worlds. You want the cost savings of doing your own pool cleaning and maintenance and it would be great to get discounted chemicals and supplies delivered to your home too, but you also want monthly on-site lab-quality full-range water testing along with the benefit of regular check-ups, advice, and assistance from a pool professional. Oh yeah and while your at it, it has to be inexpensive.


If you do it yourself, maybe you've seen the studies that show a significant majority of residential pools have harmful, out-of-balance chemical levels and you want the peace of mind of a certified pool service professional ensuring your family has healthy pool water to enjoy. Maybe you want a regular, experienced, highly-trained second set of eyes to make sure you're not missing some unseen problem when you do your own service. Maybe you have a teenage son or daughter tasked with maintaining the pool and you want someone with experience to keep them on track. All of these are excellent reasons to have a pool professional do on-site monthly checks...to keep your pool healthy and safe and the pool maintenance in line. These reasons are also why some level of professional oversight is highly recommended for residential do-it-yourselfers by the Swimmer Health and Safety Foundation.


Pure Pool Plus's Do-It-Yourself Assistance provides you just that, the assurance of having professional oversight while enjoying the savings of San Antonio's lowest cost pool service plan. With this inexpensive plan, we will come by your residence monthly with our state-of-the-art mobile water testing lab to do a full evaluation of your pool water. We'll also visually inspect your pool and equipment, assess your specific needs, and advise you on how best to execute your pool's maintenance plan.*


But it doesn't stop there! Not only do we provide professional assistance, but we also relieve you of the hassle of constantly having to travel back and forth to and from the pool store to get chemicals and other maintenance supplies. We set you up with a 6-week par inventory at your home and then restock the inventory for you every month when we come out on our service call. And we do this while giving you a 15% discount off the suggested retail prices of the chemicals and supplies. This way you both save money while having a smaller chemical footprint at your home, in most cases.


So start saving money on your pool service without giving up the professional result! Call us now to get started with your DIY Assistance + Chemical Par Pool Service Plan today!




*If you decide it's best to have us do some of the maintenance tasks, we will be happy to provide those services at an additional charge...but only what you decide you want us to do.


We of course pride ourselves on being customer focused and will be more than happy to customize any pool service plan to meet your needs. We understand San Antonio swimming pool owners are as varied as the Central Texas landscape.


If your needs are more comprehensive than what this plan provides for, please visit our Full Pool Service Plan page, Partial Pool Service Plan page, or Chem-only Pool Service Plan page to see if those better fit your needs. We can adjust the plans as your requirements dictate. We will also gladly come to your location to give our assessment of what your needs may be along with an explanation of why we are advising such.

Logo for the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals

You know you have a pool service and supply professional when you see the Association for Pool & Spa Pofessional's logo.

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These National Swimming Pool Foundation logos attest to the level of skill that ALL of our pool service technicians have proven to have.

Logo for the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Our full-service package includes periodic safety, structural, and equipment inspections by technicians certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. This premium service is also available as an add-on to partial and DYI packages. 

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