Both Flexible and Economical, We have The Best Basic Pool Cleaning Service Plans In San Antonio

So you've spent the money on the nice robotic pool cleaner that automatically climbs and scrubs the walls and vacuums the finest particulates from both the sides and floor. You don't see the need to have a service company do those vacuuming and scrubbing tasks. If that's you, then it's time for you to check out our Partial Pool Service Plan.


We understand that technology has made some of the full-service tasks redundant, which is why we've done our best to put together a basic pool service plan that best fits that reality. After all, San Antonio pool owners deserve options that most closely match their needs and lifestyles. They also deserve healthy water, which is why your pool's water will be tested using our state-art-the art mobile water testing equipment.


As with the other service plans, this plan even includes monthly supervisory checks by a Certified Pool Inspector to ensure all service performed is meeting our high standards. So leave (most of) the pool cleaning and maintenance to us, along with the worries and hassles. See the list of services below to review what all we provide in this plan to keep your pool sparkling clean and healthy year-round.  PartialPoolCleaningServiceChartUpdated




Periodic safety and structural reviews by certified swimming pool inspectors -- that help catch little problems before they become big problems -- can be added on as you see fit. We of course pride ourselves on being customer focused and will be more than happy to customize any pool service plan to meet your needs. We understand San Antonio swimming pool owners are as varied as the Central Texas landscape.


If your needs require multiple visits per week or you would like us to take on additional tasks (like maintaining water level), we will certainly work to accommodate you. If your needs are less comprehensive than this plan, please visit our Full Pool Service Plan page, Chem-only Pool Service Plan page, or DIY + Par plan page and we can adjust the plans as your requirements dictate. We will also gladly come to your location to give our assessment of what your needs may be, along with an explanation of why we are advising such.

Logo for the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals

You know you have a pool service and supply professional when you see the Association for Pool & Spa Pofessional's logo.

CPO and CPI logos for the National Swimming Pool Foundation

These National Swimming Pool Foundation logos attest to the level of skill that ALL of our pool service technicians have proven to have.

Logo for the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Our full-service package includes periodic safety, structural, and equipment inspections by technicians certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. This premium service is also available as an add-on to partial and DYI packages. 

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